About us

Our mission is spreading the scientific knowledge embracing the psychological (mental) processes underlying the spiritual and religious sphere of man’s existence (life). Among our members are outstanding psychologists, who since decades have been studying the complex phenomena, which play an important role in the mankind’s existence, indeed, in our age-long history.

Polish Association for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality is an organization whose aim it is to create a platform for discussing the conclusions of studies and analyses on the psychological aspect of the functions of religion in the contemporary world. Having noted the presence of terms “religion” and “spirituality” in the scientific discourse decided to give to place both in our name. Thus we also strive to emphasise our openness to diverse forms of the discourse about these issues in different cultures and traditions. We make every effort to inform about new facts and events in our field of interest, about conferences, visits of foreign psychologists of religion in Poland, about scientific and didactic initiatives on the website and in our Newsletter. We want to show how fascinating and theoretically prolific is our field for psychological curiosity. Our website is also a voice in the discussion over the question why psychology should not ignore religiosity and spirituality in its scientific explorations.

24 April 2012 marks the beginning, although yet informal, of our existence. It is the date of our first meeting at the I International Conference “Science, Human Religiousness and Spirituality” in Gdańsk. Formally we have come into existence with the decision of the court on the 17 September 2013. In the meantime we have invited honoured members of the international Academia to our Lodge of Honour: Professor David Wulff (Wheaton College), Professor Ralph Hood (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga), Professor Ralph Piedmont (Loyola University), Professor Kevin Ladd (University of Denver) and Professor Chris Alan Lewis (Glyndŵr University), who support our activities.

We invite sincerely to exchange of the scientific thought and to cooperation in the field of psychology of religion and spirituality.