Join us

We invite to cooperation all of you who are interested in religiousness and spirituality in the context of empirical (psychology, pedagogy, psychiatry, neurology, medicine, biology, genetics, religious studies) and philosophical sciences (philosophy of religion, theology, philosophical theology, analytical theology, meta-science, etc.) and who are academically concerned with these issues.

We especially invite you to become actively involved in the activities of PTPRiD by becoming a member. According to the Statutes, a member is entitled to the following rights:
1) to participate in lectures, webinars, conferences organized by the Society,
2) use the achievements, property, and all forms of activity of the Society,
3) submit motions concerning the Society’s activities,
4) participate in elections to the Society’s authorities.

We invite people who are already members of various societies, movements, or scientific circles to share their achievements. We want the issues of religiousness and spirituality to find their proper place in the contemporary world. In this way, we wish to emphasize that we remain open to various forms of discourse on these problems in different cultures and traditions.