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Polish Association for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality is an organization whose aim is to create a platform for discussing the conclusions of studies and analyses on the psychological aspect of the functions of religion in the contemporary world.

The main idea of Society is to spread scientific knowledge about psychological processes underlying the spiritual sphere of human life. Since these issues are eminently interdisciplinary, we invite representatives of empirical (psychology, pedagogy, psychiatry, religious studies, medicine, neurology, genetics) and philosophical sciences (philosophy of religion, theology, philosophical theology, analytical theology, meta-science, etc.), who are interested in the issues of religiousness and spirituality, to actively engage in the activities of the Society.

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Reaching the understanding of nature of a mind will inevitably guarantee comprehending the nature of all things; it is equally certain as the fact that the sun and its light always accompany each othe.

Gampopa, the Tibetan Buddhism master (1079-1153)

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