International Association for the Psychology of Religion

Psychology of Religion and Spirituality: New Trends and Neglected Themes

August 31 – September 3, 2019

Keynote speakers: Prof. Halina Grzymała-Moszczyńska, Prof. Ralph Hood, Prof. Peter Hill oraz
Prof. Gerard Saucier, Prof. David W. Miller, dr Martin Lang

Participants: 14 symposia, 24 topical sessions, 2 poster sessions presenting 51 posters.

„In Gdansk, the responsibility for coordinating the hosting of the conference was
assumed by Prof. Katarzyna Skrzypinska. With the help of her team of collaborators (dr
Agata Rudnik and dr Aleksandra Walter), it was a success. The conference has
registered 236 participants from 31 countries

[…] The best-represented countries are those with a tradition of research in the psychology of
religion. it is therefore rather the countries of northern Europe. Apart from Italy, the
Mediterranean countries are absent. In the east, mainly researchers from Poland participate in
IAPR conferences. They still constitute a consistent delegation. This year, it is even the
biggest delegation, because Poland was the organizing country.

[…] Let’s add that the conference was preceded by a one-day pre-conference workshop (from August 30 at 3pm to August 31 at 3pm) organized by Heinz Streib and entitled « Life-span Development in Psychology of Religion Research ». The pre-conference was visited by 55 participants.”

More in:

Brandt, P-Y. (2019). The 2019 G’dansk conference: Some comments on the state of the International Association for the Psychology of Religion. Archive for the Psychology of Religion, 41(3) 189–193